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Kubernetes auf Azure Cloud (AWS)

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Kubernates Aufbau 1:
Kubernates Cluster
Kubernates Master
Kubernates Nodes
Kubernates Pods
Cluster: A group of nodes.
Master: Controls the Cluster. API for management.
Nodes: (Virtual) machines in a cluster. Node can host multiple pods.
Pods: Logically related containers. Has one IP Address. Brought up and down by Master during scaling. Pods are replicated to multiple nodes for scaling reasons.
Kubernetes ServiceThe interface to reach a Pod (an application). Pods are ephemeral. That is one reason why addressing Pods is not the right way. Instead: Services.
VolumesDisk systems that are external from the nodes.
Kubernates Aubau 2:
A) Control Plane (Master System)
A1: kube-apiserver
A2: etcd
A3: kube-controller-manager
A4: kube-scheduler
A5: cloud-controller-manager

B) Nodes
B1: kubelet
B2: k-proxy
B3: pod
–> Udacity: 4. Kubernetes Components
Kubernetes Components
Kubernetes API
AWS Auflaugfende KostenAWS Billing Dashboard
AWS IAM Services
IAM Group
IAM Role
IAM Policy

IAM Dashboard
Identity & Access Services

12. Exercise – IAM
13. AWS – Create a custom IAM Role
IAM policy simulator
Interfaces to AWS:
– Web Interface
– Command Line Tool (CLI)
 9. AWS – Install and Configure CLI v2
 10. AWS – Create S3 Bucket – Web con
11. AWS – Create S3 Bucket – CLI

Benutze Git Bash für das CLI!

AWS instructions to install/update AWS CLI

Configuration basics
Configuration and credential file settings
Environment variables to configure the AWS CLI
S3: Amazons Storage Cloud Service.
S3 dashboard
10. AWS – Create S3 Bucket – Web co
11. AWS – Create S3 Bucket – CLI
EKS – Elastic Kubernetes Service  14. EKS: Kubernetes on AWS
 15. Exercise – Creating an EKS Cluster – W
16. Installing eksctl
 17. Installing kubectl
 18. Creating an EKS Cluster – CLI
 19. EKS Cluster authentication
 20. Exercise – Deploy a Flask Applica

AWS – Amazon Cloud

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